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Tears of Joy Book Launch (online event) - 27 November 2021

I had the pleasure of joining Andrew Jobling to launch his latest book, T.E.A.R.S. of Joy, in Australia and worldwide on 27 November and 8 December 2021. About the book: The shedding of tears after a significant achievement, a meaningful moment or purposeful pursuit is an indication of the powerful emotional joy we all strive for in our lives.  The fact is, everything we experience and all achievements in life start with a thought, belief, or perspective we choose to focus on. Therefore, we can all create the life we desire. What if there was a process for personal transformation that could lead to regular ‘tears of joy’ moments? In T.E.A.R.S. of Joy, Andrew Jobling provides the simple steps that will predictably lead to many meaningful moments of significance, achievement and well-being, empowering you to live a life of joyful longevity. This book offers a sure and certain pathway to transformation that lasts.

Attendance at Sunset Double Launch - 25 September 2021

As Cam Walker's editor and friend I attended the sunset launch of his two new novels in the Contrail series: Contrail Terminal and Contrail Genesis (Contrail Conspiracy was the first). Cam is an Australian author and in less than twelve months has written three, yes three, thriller novels. Cam has a talent for telling a good conspiracy story. His first novel, Conspiracy, is available for free on Amazon.

In Conversation with Carole McCulloch - 15 September 2021

In conversation with Carole McCulloch, an Australian based family historian, genealogist and educator. Carole's Podcasts - Essential Habits for Genealogists & Storytellers is aimed at genealogists, historians, storytellers and podcasters to share their expertise in their specialist fields. During our conversation today, we spoke about Barefoot to Boeings, a story about a boy who had a dream, a dream to fly like a bird. 

Enjoy listening to the podcast.


Queensland RSL News - Edition 4, 2018

The Experience of One Blue Orchid is about Tony English in the Queensland RSL News, Edition 4 2018 - pages 53-55.


The Experience of One Blue OrchidThe Experience of One Blue Orchid

Sunday, 9 July 2017 - Author's Way in a Day - One Day

I helped at Andrew Jobling's One Day Funshop for aspiring authors.

Queensland RSL News - Edition 3, 2017

Announcing my book, Barefoot to Boeings, is in the Queensland RSL News, Edition 3, 2017, as one of their competition giveaways.

23 March 2017 - Official Book Launch - BookFace, Orion Springfield

A great evening at the official book launch of Barefoot to Boeings at BookFace, Orion Springfield. Brian Crane, the pilot, joined my family with Donelle who hosted the evening. There was a surprise visit from Cr David Morrison from the city of Ipswich who presented me with a certificate. A most unexpected and delightful surprise.

23 March 2017 - Book Reviews

 posted 23 March 2017 in non-fiction

Barefoot to Boeings has been reviewed by

September 2016 - Dayboro Grapevine

Following a launch in July with family and friends at Birches Restaurant, Barefoot to Boeings featured in the Dayboro Grapevine. Read about it here.

Dayboro GrapevineDayboro Grapevine