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A Better Life - An Italian Immigrant's Journey

All of us look for a better life, but only a few do what it takes to live an extraordinary life.

Umberto’s story takes the reader on a journey through time.

As a child in war-torn Italy, he sold firewood during the bitter cold of winter to help his family. As a young adult, he emigrated to Australia, where he was humiliated and treated with suspicion.

From the inevitable struggles of learning a new language, Umberto learnt how to catch rabbits before working as a sugar cane cutter in the harsh conditions of North Queensland.

Eventually, as a farmer, he went on to grow tobacco and sugar cane, before building a residential and commercial property portfolio.

Through all of this, Umberto’s dream for a better life never waned. His story is about triumph over adversity and is evidence that with persistence and determination, you can live the life you dream about.

A Better Life is available from the author (see below) and on Amazon Australia and various other Amazon sites (in electronic and print format).

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What people are saying:

TeeAmazon Reviewer: An eye-opening, motivating story about an Italian man (Umberto) who migrated to Australia after the Second World War in hopes for a better life. This book mentions some of the callous discriminations imposed on Italian immigrants upon moving to Australia postwar. Further, this book talks about Umberto’s personal difficulties both in business and in his personal life - which will bring you to tears many times throughout. Despite Umberto’s unimaginable circumstances and dealings in life, he was able to create a better life for himself, in fact I’d say a life many of us dream of. Umberto’s inspiring story teaches you an important lesson and that is, relentless people get what they want. Credit to the author who did an excellent job at capturing Umberto’s character and his story. The book was easy to read and included “In Focus” segments, that provided quick background information to help create the bigger picture of what Umberto was experiencing at the time in Australia. This book also highlights Umberto’s eagerness to learn and to never shy away from an opportunity, which ultimately gives him the power to create his own destiny. One quote from the book I resonated with was, “Having opportunities in life to change and divert energy into a different path is always there for the taking.” Thoroughly enjoyed this inspiring book. I learnt a lot about the history of Australia and it’s affect on Italian immigrants post-WW2, as well as some important life lessons and principles for achieving goals despite adversity. ★★★★★