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As an author

I have always enjoyed writing. From having a dream to be an author and the determination to see it through, my resolve and hard work have been worth it. I have self-published Barefoot to Boeings, a memoir about a boy who had a dream to fly, and A Better Life - An Italian Immigrant's Journey, a story about a boy who always dreamt of a better life. My next book, The Hawthorn Trees of Cradley Road, is a story about my mother's childhood in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom - a work in progress.

When I meet people for the first time, I ask them about their stories and how they came to do what they do. I often think there's a book there, but they say no one would be interested in their story because they are just ordinary people. What I see are ordinary people living extra-ordinary lives. I believe these stories are important, not only for the family to remember but also for society to reflect on what life used to be like. I not only want to write stories about ordinary people, but I also want to share their extra-ordinary life and keep history alive. 

Barefoot to Boeings 

Barefoot to Boeings is now available. Whether you are interested in aviation or Australian history this book is a journey down memory lane from life on the farm and the outside dunny to the perceived luxuries of jet aircraft. It is a small glimpse into the life of an airline pilot, which it took a lifetime to play out.

A Better Life 

A Better Life - An Italian Immigrant's Journey is now available. Only a few of us do what it takes to live an extraordinary life. As a child in war-torn Italy Umberto sold firewood during the bitter cold of winter. As an adult in Australia, he learnt English, caught rabbits and cut sugar cane. He eventually became a tobacco and sugar cane farmer and established a commercial and residential property portfolio. You can live the life you dream about.  

The Hawthorn Trees of Cradley Road

The Hawthorn Trees of Cradley Road is a manuscript in progress. It is based on my mother's early childhood in the early-mid 1900s in the West Midlands, at a time when society was recovering from the Great Depression and World War Two. In Cradley Road, just down from the house where my mother lived was a woodland area that was thick with hawthorn trees.   

Where Bullies Lurk

Where Bullies Lurk is a manuscript in progress. It consists of a number of short stories based on real events. There is no doubt that bullying is real and can have a damaging effect. A bully can be anywhere - sometimes, you just don’t know who they are until you are affected.